2012 Spring Edition of IWA Magazine

As Salaam’Alaykum and Welcome

‘Books’ is the theme for the 2012 Spring Edition of IWA Magazine. This edition is power-packed with loads of stirring and inspiring content we know you are going to enjoy.

A Special Thank You… You must have noticed that IWA Magazine has a new front page banner. It was designed by IWA member, Amina Malik. Amina also contributed significantly with the editing of this Spring edition and she proposed ‘books’ as its theme. The IWA Board of Directors has appointed Amina to be the new IWA Magazine editor. She begins her editing responsibilities with the July 2012 Summer Edition.

We must also thank the creative talent of those IWA members who contributed a significant portion of the magazine’s content. Our members’ continuing support is what makes each publication possible.

Now that all the important ‘Thank Yous’ have been expressed it is time for you to kick off your shoes, grab a cup of java or steaming tea, sit back, relax and enjoy. Browse the News page to learn what some of your favorite IWA members have been doing. Read a book review, our Announcements, author interviews, or read about members’ new books that were just published in the last couple of months. The magazine’s Table of Contents is provided below for your convenience in locating content.  Just click on the page links in the magazine’s banner to read the different magazine pages.

We’d love to hear from you so please leave your comments and don’t forget to subscribe your email address so you will be notified when the next edition of IWA Magazine publishes.

IWA Board of Directors – 2011-2012

  • Linda Delgado, Director
  • Mahasin D. Shamsiddeen, Assistant Director
  • Balqees Mohammed, Secretary
  • Saba Negash, Financial Officer
  • Pamela Taylor, Marketing Officer

Table of Contents


  •  I Just Love Reading! by Maryam Funmilayo
  • Love is the Answer to Every Question – Irving Karchmar


  • Interview with Javed Mohammed by Enith Morillo
  • Interview with Wendy Meddour by Linda Delgado


  • Why I LOVE My Local Library – and Why You Should Too! by Saba Negash
  • Evolution of a Book Lover by Balqees Mohammed
  • My Favorite Book by Balqees Mohammed
  • Innovative Website: Reviews for Alternative Entertainment by Balqees Mohammed

Book Reviews

  • Grandma Came to Stay With Us review by Dilara Hafiz
  • Shirin’s Ramadan Miracle review by Saba Negash

Islamic Fiction

  • Friendship Well by Nur Kose
  • Extract from The Readers by Amina Malik

Special Section

  • ‘The Libraries that the Ummah Built’ by Amina Malik
  • A Library Card and a Book of Their Own: the Best Gifts to Give a Child by Amina Malik
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1 Response to 2012 Spring Edition of IWA Magazine

  1. Maryam says:

    Great talents, maasha Allaah!

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