2013 Winter Edition of IWA Magazine

Notice – Due to unavoidable circumstances the Winter Edition of IWA Magazine has been delayed but will publish soon. We expect the next edition to publish within the next two weeks.

Please read the Dedication page to Linda Jamilah Kolocotronis. May Allah confort her family and may she be rewarded for all the good she did and forgiven any errors. Amen

2012 Autum Edition of IWA Magazine

As Salaam’Alaykum and Welcome

This Autumn edition was produced by IWA’s magazine editor, Amina Malik. This edition is power-packed with loads of stirring and inspiring content we know you are going to enjoy.

The IWA Board of Directors thanks the creative talent of the IWA members who contributed a significant portion of the magazine’s content. Our members’ continuing support is what makes each publication possible.

The magazine’s Table of Contents is provided below for your convenience in locating content. Just click on the page links in the magazine’s banner to read the different magazine pages, or click on the links below.

Wed love to hear from you so please leave your comments and don’t forget to subscribe your email address so you will be notified when the next edition of IWA Magazine publishes.

IWA Board of Directors – 2011-2012

  • Linda Delgado, Director
  • Mahasin D. Shamsiddeen, Assistant Director
  • Balqees Mohammed, Secretary
  • Saba Negash, Financial Officer
  • Pamela Taylor, Marketing Officer

IWA Magazine Editor, Amina Malik

Letter From the Editor

Assalamwalaikum dear readers. This issue contains a wonderful mixture of poetry and stories by IWA members for you to enjoy. Our membership has been extremely busy  writing and publishing books, selling artwork and a whole host of personal achievements. You can catch up with them in our News section. Be sure to note details of the IWA’s latest writing competition while you’re here, and if you would like to join the IWA this issue will tell you how – just visit the Announcements section for details. I hope you love this issue and leave us some comments!

Amina Malik


Image by Amina Malik
@ MY Lusankar (London) photography

Table of Contents


  • Jerusalem– by Irving Karchmar
  • Listen and Come by Mahasin D. Shamsid-Deen
  • Blossoming hopeby Zeneefa Zaneer


  • Interview with Nancy Biddle by Amina Malik
  • Interview with Umm Nur– By Saba Negash


  • ISNAby Saba Negash
  • The Islamic Roots of Wealth and Charity– by Nur Kose
  •  A Wife’s Right to an Honorable Life in Islam– by Abdu Mojahed

Book Reviews

  • Allah to Z reviewed- by Saba Nagash
  • Snow White: An Islamic Tale-by Fawzia Gilani

Islamic Fiction

  • Passing Cloud– by Zeneefa Zaneer

IWA News

  • Member and organization news
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