2012 Autumn Edition of IWA Magazine

IWA is sponsoring its 4th Annual Islamic Fiction Stories writing contest. Submissions are being accepted from October 1 through 31st. Please click here for more information on the contest, as well as links to submission guidelines. This year’s theme is open to any genre and topic of the participant’s choosing. Islamic fiction guidelines must be followed. The Islamic fiction definition is located on the website. Please click here for complete information on guidelines and submission information.

We are looking forward to reading many creative stories this year! 

Anthology Cookbook

IWA’s newest anthology cookbook Serving Up Faith: Recipes, Cooking Tips and Inspirational Stories was published in January 2012 and copies are available for you to order! 

What better gift to give loved ones in time for Eid al-Adha than a beautifully crafted book that has something in it for just about everyone. Original International recipes, food specific ayat and hadith, informative articles about healthy cooking and eating, articles about some of the most commonly used herbs and spices and wonderful stories about converting to Islam or finding ones’ faith.

The cookbook contains 243 Pages and is priced at only $14.95 print version. A number of copies have been sold – but we want to sell even more! Don’t forget to promote it and buy copies for your loved ones, as they make wonderful gifts! All profits from sales go towards funding IWA projects which support our purpose of promoting literacy – which is what this issue in particular is all about.

Buy the cookbook at or contact Muslim Writers Publishing at

How to Join the IWA

Are you a non-member reading this magazine and wondering how to join us? Read on to find out how to become a member!


-Be an adult Muslim (18 years and up).

-Agree to join the Islamic Writers Alliance online discussion forum where IWA business is conducted.

-Pay an annual membership fee of $25 (USD).

Member Application Instructions

Send your email application to the IWA Director:

Your email must include the following information:

1) Your legal name
2) The name you prefer to use for IWA business
3) Your business or personal mailing address (Street/PO Box, City, State, Zip Code, Country)
4) Your telephone number
5) Your preferred email address
6) Your Gender
7) Include any blog or website addresses you have established
8) Include a 50 to 100 word bio about yourself
9) Complete the Member Profile form you receive once your application is accepted
10) State how you will pay annual dues:

USD check or money order, or Payment via PayPal service

Annual Dues of $25 are non-refundable.
The Director will send you payment information via email response to your application.

Benefits of Joining the IWA

As with nearly any other organization or community, there are benefits of being a member of the IWA, as well as responsibilities of that membership. Please click here for a complete explanation and definition of the benefits and responsibilities of membership with the IWA.

All personal information will be kept confidential and will not be sold or provided to any other individual, group, business or organization.



2012 IWA Summer Edition of IWA Magazine

IWA Participating in the ISNA Convention

The IWA Board of Directors decided to secure a vendor’s table at the ISNA convention this year. Member authors will have their books on display and be available to talk with visitors and sign purchased copies. Besure to stop by the IWA vendor table and learn more about the organization and the projects we do to promote and support literacy.

The IWA will be sponsoring an Islamic fiction sotry contest open to the public. Submission dates and contest guidelines will be posted at the IWA web site at in the coming weeks.

2012 IWA Spring Edition of IWA Magazine

8th Annual IWA Poetry Contest: April 2012
The IWA Board is pleased to announce the upcoming 8th Annual IWA Poetry Contest, to be held in the month of April 2012. This year’s contest is to be a themed contest, centered on the topic of Taqwa, or piety. Submissions begin April 1st and end April 30th, 2012.

Visit the IWA web site to learn the submission guidelines:

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