IWA Books

The IWA organization has had three books published with the purpose of the profits gained from book sales helping fund the projects the organizaton sponsors each year in support of literacy. Two are anthologies of poetry and Islamic fiction and the thrid is a cookbook just recently published and released. All contnet in the books is the work of IWA members.

Serving Up Faith: Recipes-Cooking Tips-Inspirational Stories

  • Author: Islamic Writers Alliance    
  • Pages: 242
  • Format: 9.2 x  7.4 paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0-9819770-1-0
  • List Price: $14.95

Purchase at www.islamicbookstore.com

A beautifully crafted book that has something in it for just about everyone. 84 Original International recipes, 20 food specific aya and hadith,11 informative articles about healthy cooking and eating, articles about some of the most commonly used herbs and spices, 10 wonderful stories about converting to Islam or finding ones’ faith and a Glossary . The book’s content was contributed by the talented members of the IWA organization and was published by Muslim Writers Publishing.

For those budget conscious shoppers or others not able for some reason to access the print copy, the IWA will also be publishing a PDF version for quick and easy download. Check back in April for the location site to purchase the printable pdf version. This version offers the option of printing any recipe, taking it to the kitchen, and creating a great meal for family and/or friends!

Many Voices, One Faith II – Islamic Fiction Stories
Author: Islamic Writers Alliance 
Pages: 236
Format: 6 x 9 paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9819770-1-0
Reading Levels: Teen and Adult
List Price: $12.95Purchase at www.islamicbookstore.com
Book DescriptionToday’s world is indeed a global village. The wonders of technology in communication and travel have cut through the distant miles, which used to separate us from one another. Many Voices, One Faith II – Islamic Fiction Stories is a literary example of the small world we are all a part of, showcasing the talents of the Islamic Writers Alliance membership which reach around the globe in their respective residences and origins. From the cover design of one of the beautiful names of Allah, beautiful and original interior illustrations, and the unique story-telling talent of the authors, their original stories combine the diversity and flavor of their backgrounds. You will find almost every region of the world exemplified in these wonderful Islamic fiction stories which skillfully and creatively present the importance of Islam in our daily lives. Many Voices, One Faith II –Islamic Fiction Stories is an enjoyable, entertaining, and enlightening read for non-Muslims as well as Muslims. Many Voices, One Faith II –Islamic Fiction Stories is the ultimate in the variety of selections written by some of the best Islamic Fiction authors in today’s fiction book markets. Read. Enjoy. Benefit.
Many Poetic Voices, One Faith
Author: Islamic Writers Alliance  
Pages: 118
Format: 6 x 9 paperback
Reading Levels: Teen and Adult
List Price: $8.95Purchase: www.IslamicBookstore.com
Book DescriptionMany Poetic Voices, One Faith is your window into the world of Islam through poetry! Come on in and find out what’s waiting here for you inside the attractive cover designed by talented IWA member artist, Nazaahah Amin. The award winning poems written by Karen English, Marwa Elnaggar, Camilla Sayf, Corey Habbas, Julinar Diab, and additional poems written by 31 IWA member poets are enlightening, entertaining, and rich in a diversity of topics: from a point-by-point description of a soul mate to a sonnet-ode dedicated to a loving and missed mother; from vivid reminders and poetic verse awakening us all to the evils of domestic violence to heart-wrenching reminiscences of the plight of the Muslim convert; from beautiful English renditions of the traditional and ancient Arabic ghazal to the plight of eighteenth century slaves; from a thought-provoking rendition of life from birth to the grave and beyond; from a thoughtful insight into the significance of a single raindrop, to a very moving and heart-warming dedication of life from a long-gone friend. All this and much more is waiting for you when you read the poetry of our IWA poets’ many voices and their one faith, Islam.

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