2012 Autumn Edition of IWA Magazine

Wendy Meddour announced that her debut bookA Hen in the Wardrobe was sold out and has gone to reprint. She also announced that a new book is coming soon called The Black Cat Detectives.


On Sunday, 30 September 2012, Irving Karchmar was a guest on Al Leone’s live webcast show, The Bridge of Truth. The theme of the show was Sufi Lessons in Love, which is the tentative title of a book Irving is working on. It is a collection of articles and poems that explains the Sufi view of love as the guiding principle of creation and the evolution of life towards God.

Click here for the link to the show page. If you missed it, the show will be posted to YouTube one week after the webcast


Maryam Funmilayo received a huge Ramadhan gift, on July 31, 2012, when she was called upon to join the staff of the “Faithful Families Eating Smart and Moving More” (FFESMM) program at North Carolina State University, Raleigh. The FFESMM is a faith-based health program that trains individuals in faith communities to help deliver lessons that will in turn, help families connect healthy eating and physical activity to their religious or spiritual beliefs. FFESMM is a relatively new health initiative coined out from the ‘Eat Smart, Move More North Carolina’. ‘The Eat Smart, Move More North Carolina’ is a statewide movement that promotes increased opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity wherever people live, learn, earn, play and pray.

Maryam currently works as a program assistant of the program and once the new FFESMM program is launched, she will be contributing her writing and blogging skills to the website. In addition, she works directly with her Muslim community as a health educator, helping them to eat well and stay active in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Visit to learn more.


Uzma Mirza completed an art commission for a client in Washington DC, in September 2012, depicting a beautiful verse from the Quran, Ayat Al Kursi.

Umm Mirza has also recently released the book Ode to my Architect, Harmony of an Islamic Art. On November 10 2012, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art will be holding a public reception at 1:00pm with Uzma Mirza regarding her new book. The discussion with the artist will be followed by the Fort Wayne premiere at 2:00pm of Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World, produced by Unity Productions Foundation. Click here for more information.


Umm Juwayriyah visited the Springfield MA Library in September 2012 for the Author Fair, in relation to her books The Size of a Mustard Seed and Hind’s Hands


Sufiya Ahmed was interviewed by English newspaper Asianlite Newspaper about forced marriages and her book Secrets of the Henna Girl.

Sufiya will also be celebrating International Day of the Girl on October 11, with young people at the Wimbledon Bookfest 2012.


Zabrina A Bakar

Zabrina was blessed with a baby boy 13 months ago mashallah, after a long time of marriage. His name is Tariq.

After six years of hard work, on 4th October 2012, Zabrina was awarded with a Doctorate in Business Administration from University of Newcastle.

Zabrina is also currently writing her fourth book inshaAllah.


Zaipah Ibrahim announced that her book, The Gift, first published by Muslim Writers Publishing, will be translated and republished by Erlangga Publishing in Jakarta, Indonesia. Zaipah also announced that she has finished writing the manuscript for the third book in her Gift series.


Linda Delgado and Saba Negash finished work on developing and writing a teacher study guide (TSG) for the novel, If I Should Speak, authored by Umm Zakiyyah. The TSG was published in July 2012 by Al-Walaa Publications.

If I Should Speak



2012 Summer Edition of IWA Magazine

Member News

Maryam Funmilayo’s article titled, “7 Ways to Improve Your Memory” was published in the May 2012 Issue 33 of SISTERS Magazine.

Saba Negash is currently working on a teacher study guide for the well-known author of “If I Should Speak.” The study guide is intended to be used in Islamic schools and geared toward the junior/high school age levels. We look forward to the completion of the teacher study guide for the beginning of the new school year. Saba is also currently conducting a reading survey on her blog. The questions focus on the literacy and reading habits of school-age children. The results of this survey will hopefully help her form a better understanding of how children view reading, ideas to help encourage and promote their love of reading and fun ways to improve reading habits for the reluctant readers. Please encourage your children to visit the reading survey. Saba appreciates any, and all, participation.

Irving Karchmar’s book Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel has been translated and published in three languages this Spring: Indonesian (Sang Raja Jin), Russian (Повелитель джиннов, which translates toPovelitel dzhinnov), and Malayalam (Jinnukalude Nadhan), the language of the Kerala State of India.

IWA member Uzma Mirza announced the Pen and Inkpot Foundation will be raising funds, for its continuous work, from the sale of the Spiritual Islamic Calligraphic Art, with a newly set produced art collection donated by the pen and Inkpot art, at the upcoming APPNA (Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America) conference in Washington, DC, where all the proceeds of art sale, art books and art cards will be allocated as a full donation to the Pi Foundation. ia. (Future artist work: ISNA convention labor-day weekend, TBA, in Washington, DC). We look forward to your support and please visit the Pen and Inkpot Foundation, booth #526, July 4-8, 2012 in Washington, DC.

Nancy Biddle, new publisher of  Blue Olive Productions, based in Canada has publisher her first book by Nigerian author Sheriff Olanrewaju. The book is titled Agonies of a Bereaved Poet. This book, Agonies of a Bereaved Poet, illustrates directly from the heart the power and the depth of his enduring love for his Father, and witnesses the growth of the Poet as he explores and resolves every aspect of his loss and renewal. Sheriff, a fabulous caterpillar in his own right emerges the most beautiful butterfly spreading his wings to soar the world and envelope it in charm and dignity. Allah provides, at the right time, lessons and hardship to form us into stronger believers. The Death of a parent is a right passage everyone will eventually suffer, inevitably. The opportunity is growth. The world is ready to discover and embrace Sheriff Olanrewaju.

IWA member Wendy Meddour announced the August 2012 publication of her second color illustrated children’s book titled, The Black Cat Detectives.

IWA member Yahiya Emerick – renowned author, educator and publisher has many irons in the fire!  He announced that he has revamped his online bookstore ( and now has listed on the Internet one of the largest selections of Islamic fiction books. He recently revised and reprinted the book titled The Story of Yusuf. He also reprinted the book titled, Burhaan Khan: Six Tales About Growing Up authored by Qasim Najar. (7-14 years readers). And if that wasn’t enough to keep him busy when not teaching in the classroom he had to Islamic stories published in Spanish and stated he hopes in the future to have all the books he has authored and/or publishes republished in Spanish.

Linda Delgado – Hind’s HandsA Story About Autism, was recently published by Muslim Writers Publishing for IWA member author: Umm Juwayriyah and her daughter Juwayriyah Ayed; Reading level: Children.

Linda Delgado and IWA member Saba Negash developed a teacher study guide (TSG) for the Islamic fiction novel If I Should Speak, authored by Umm Zakiyyah. The TSG is currently in the design phase and is expected to publish before September 2012. The TSG was a new challenge because the author wanted the TSG content to be applicable for two distinctive age/reading levels.

Linda Delgado is writing a new youth mystery novel (Rym and Amel Mysteries) with Nur Kose (daughter of IWA member Nayma Kose). Muslim Writers Publishing intends to publish the Islamic fiction novel before the end of the year. There will be 4 or 5 mystery stories in the book with each of the authors contributing several short stories using the same book characters. Linda stated that co-authoring is a fun book project especially working with a younger author. So far it has been a great experience for both authors.  Reading level: youth-teen

IWA News

IWA Participating in the ISNA Convention

The IWA Board of Directors decided to secure a vendor’s table at the ISNA convention this year. Members wanting to sell and/or have their books displayed contributed funds to help pay the vendor fee. Some of the members also have volunteered to man the table and promote the IWA organization and members’ books on display.

Poetry Contest Winners Announced

The IWA Board announced the winners of the 8th Annual IWA Poetry Contest. The winners and their poems are located in the Poetry section of the magazine.


2012 Spring Edition of IWA Magazine

2012 Project in Progress

IWA is sponsoring its 8th Annual IWA Poetry Contest. Mahasin D Shamsiddeen, Contest Manager and Assistant Director of the IWA announced that the topic for the contest is ‘Taqwa’ Submissions will be accepted from April 1st through April 30th.  Guidelines for submissions are published on the IWA web site. There are three categories for contest writers: Adult, Youth 9 years through 17 years, and a category for members of the IWA.  Mahasin advised the IWA board of Directors that she has secured 3 very reputable contest judges: Dr. Stewart Birkoff, Br. Yahya Emerick and poet Sister Samantha Sanchez.

Contest Guidelines at

Recently Completed Projects

New Cookbook Published in January 2012: Serving Up Faith: Recipes-Cooking Tips-Inspirational Stories

A beautifully crafted book that has something in it for just about everyone. 84 Original International recipes, 20 food specific aya and hadith,11 informative articles about healthy cooking and eating, articles about some of the most commonly used herbs and spices, 10 wonderful stories about converting to Islam or finding ones’ faith and a Glossary . The book’s content was contributed by the talented members of the IWA organization and was published by Muslim Writers Publishing.

For those budget conscious shoppers or others not able for some reason to access the print copy, the IWA will also be publishing a PDF version for quick and easy download. Check back in February for the location site to purchase the printable pdf version. This version offers the option of printing any recipe, taking it to the kitchen, and creating a great meal for family and/or friends!

All profits from sales go towards funding IWA projects which support our purpose of promoting literacy.

IWA’s 2011 Annual Islamic School Library Book Awards were given to the schools listed below:

Islamic Academy of Delaware
Newark, DE 19713

Universal Academy of Florida
Tampa, FL

Lexington Universal Academy
Lexington, KY

Al-Amal School
Fridley, MN

An-Noor Quran Academy
Raleigh, NC

Member News

Mahasin D Shamsiddeen: A preview of my theatrical production “This Truth is Clear & Evident” will be this Friday, January 13, 2012 at 7:00pm at the old Empire Theater located at 114 W. Broad Street in Richmond. The event is free to the public and will showcase scenes from all of the theaters that will present in the 2012 Acts of Faith Festival this year. The performers for our scene will be Omar Collins and Charlie Raintree and we are in the first Act.

Maryam Funmilayo: My article titled, “A Better Education” was published in the HomeWorks quarterly magazine (Oct/Nov/Dec 2011) Issue 4, Volume 1, Page 8. HomeWorks quarterly magazine is a Pakistani-based Home Education magazine. This magazine serves as a support and resource group for Muslim home educators.

I became the Editor-in-Chief of the An-Noor School Newsletter in December 2011. An-Noor School/Qur’an Academy was one of the Islamic schools that was chosen as a recipient of the IWA Islamic Book Award, 2011.

Nazli Currin: “author of Grandma Lives With Us, has started working on her second book, Welcome To Ramadhan Sarah! She is hoping to publish it in 2012 Insha’Allah. Her contact information is: and her website is: In November she filled book orders for Dalian, China, and Queensland, Australia.”

Irving Karchmar: “has signed two new translation agreements this quarter, for a new Russian language edition and a new Indonesian Bahasa edition. InshaAllah, the Indonesia edition will be published in February and the Russian edition will be published in the spring.”

The Malayalam language translation of Master of the Jinn, Jinninte Yajamanan, has been published in the Kerala State of India The new Indonesian translation of Master of the Jinn, Sang Raja Jin, has also been published.

Br. Irving reported that his fourth grandchild and second grandson, Dylan Shay, was born on Feb 17, 2012.  Alhamdulillah!

Najiyah Diana Helwani: Najiyah is an Islamic fiction author who gave a presentation at the American Islamic College on March 14th, 2012. Najiyah Diana Helwani is an Islamic fiction author and former teacher. She currently serves as the outreach coordinator for Culturally Speaking: The center for cultural exchange, organizing events, lecturing on Islam and facilitating cultural diversity workshops. A Kansas Native, She is passionate about sharing Islam through collaboration, interaction and rich, relevant books and stories.

Linda D. Delgado: Linda was interviewed by Kimberley Ben for Muslimahs Working at Home, an inspirational website that details sisters pursuing their dreams of self-employment. The link to view it is here: It has also been noted on the Muslimahs Working at Home Facebook page: (

As owner and publisher of Muslim Writers Publishing, Linda published Serving Up Faith for the IWA organization in January 2012. In February 2012 Linda published Reunion, the 5th book in her award winning Islamic Rose Books series. Both books are available from the publisher,, and many fine retail stores.


2011 Fall Edition of IWA Magazine

All praise and thanks to Allah this past quarter has been a very productive one for the IWA organization:

The Zakat Foundation of America made the decision to partner with the IWA organization in order to provide promotional support and financial assistance with funding on-going IWA projects that support literacy. We at IWA are very excited to have such a well-respected charitable organization as a partner in furthering our purpose and goals.

  • IWA members assisted the owner of Muslim Writers Publishing in giving over four dozen new Islamic fiction books to a new children’s school library in IDA: Islamic Academy of Delaware.
  • Balqees Mohammed, IWA web admin and organization Secretary  completed the design for the organization’s Cookbook: Serving Up Faith: Recipes, Cooking Tips, and Inspirational Stories.

Through our Catch the Spirit-Be a Muslim Champion campaign the organization raised the amount of money required to pay for our cookbook design fees and printer files and distribution fees.

Go to to learn more about this initiative. IWA gives books to islamic school libraries for our Muslim kids!

The IWA Board of Directors made the decision to sponsor a non-fiction writing contest for members and the public. We are pleased to announce that the Zakat Foundation of America is co-sponsoring this contest. The contest theme is a Muslim’s Responsibility to Neighbors and Community. Submissions will run from October 15 through November 8, 2011. There will be three categories: Adult-Public, IWA Member, and Young Adult (ages 13 years through 17 years).

  • The IWA Board of Directors decided to sponsor its annual Islamic Fiction Stories contest to run concurrently with the Non-Fiction Article contest. There will be three categories: Adult-Public, IWA Member, and Young Adult (ages 13 years through 17 years).

Future announcements regarding both contests will be located at the IWA web site at: .


2011 Summer Ramadan Edition of IWA Magazine

The IWA Board members and organization members have been busy during the past quarter working on several high priority projects all aimed at promoting the organization’s purpose of promoting literacy. The following is an update on projects’ progress:

Anthology Cookbook Project

 The book title for the new anthology cookbook is Serving Up Faith: Recipes, Cooking Tips and Inspirational Stories.

Phase 1 , Manager– Linda Delgado, Director (completed)

–Obtaining anthology content from IWA members and sending guidelines and publishing agreements to contributors – Sara Ali

–Organizing member content into an anthology manuscript – Linda Delgado

–First round of editing of the draft manuscript by IWA members:

Ivanka Khan, Maryam Fummilayo, Jamal Orem, Shiyana Yahya, Amina Malik, and Linda Delgado

Phase 2, Manager – Balqees Mohammed, IWA Secretary (in progress)

–The draft manuscript will be sent to the Team 2 Members: Balqees Mohammed and Mahasin Shamsid-Deen for book editing.

–After editing is complete and the manuscript polished, a query requesting book publishing will be prepared by Team 2 and the query will be sent to Muslim publishers.

IWA Tax Exempt and Non-Profit Recognition by the IRS

In April 2011 the IWA Board of Directors took the necessary steps to obtain IRS recognition of the IWA organization as a non-profit and also obtained IRS tax-exempt status for the organization.

Catch the Spirit…Be a Muslim Champion Initiative

 The IWA board of Directors launched a new initiative to promote the IWA organization to the Public.  The initiative is title Catch the Spirit…Be a Muslim Champion.  The initiative informs the Public of our organization’s purpose and the goals we have established to promote and support literacy world-wide. The text of this initiative is published at the IWA website:

IWA’s Web administrator created a Muslim champion lofo and we are hoping that visitors will ask for it to include on their own blogs, websites and in their publications giving this initiative their support. Balqees also established a donate button for visitors to give their support financially to help the IWA continue and even expand its programs in support of literacy.

2011 Spring Edition of IWA Magazine

IWA Organization News

The IWA will be sponsoring its 7th Annual Poetry Contest open to the Public. Submissions are being accepted from April 1st through 30th. There will be three first place winners with cash prizes. A panel of judges in the following categories will select winners: IWA Member, Adult and Youth (under 18 years of age).

The two IWA anthologies, Many Poetic Voices, One Faith and Many Voices, One Faith  II – Islamic Fiction Stories will be on display and sold at the ICNA Conference in May.  IWA member, Umm Juwayrriyah, generously offered space at her vendor table to other IWA members. Promotional materials about the IWA organization will also made available to visitors at this conference.

The IWA organization will participate in the 2nd Annual Muslim Women’s Conference April 16, 2011 in Dayton, Ohio. Sisters Soumyana, Fawzia Gilani-Williams and Pamela Taylor will be promoting and selling IWA member books and the two IWA anthologies at this event.

At the ISNA Educational Conference our Marketing Officer, Pamela Taylor, secured time to have a panel of IWA members discuss Islamic fiction books and authors and the work of the IWA organization with promoting literacy worldwide.

New Anthology Book Project: After considerable discussion the IWA organization decided to create a new anthology manuscript the organization hopes will be published by a Muslim publisher. The book title selected is, Serving Up Faith: Recipes, Cooking Tips and Inspirational Stories. The book will include original recipes, healthy cooking and eating tips, stories about cooking and as a unique highlight will include true stories by Muslim reverts about the changes becoming a Muslim made to their own cooking and diets. Members who experienced a renewal of their faith will be contributing their stories as well. The book project is at the content gathering stage and a book proposal and letter requesting publishing consideration are being drafted.

2010 Winter Edition of IWA Magazine

IWA sponsored its 6th Annual Poetry Contest for the year of 2010. This year’s contest theme was ‘ibadah’, or worship. We are pleased to report the winners:

Adult Non-IWA Member Category

Title of Poem – Cherry Blossom

Author – Farah Razeena Abduz-Zahir

Vancouver, BC, Canada

IWA Member Category

Title of Poem – Daddy

Author – Enith Morillo

Providence , RI, USA

Youth Category

Title of Poem – A Simple Piece of Cloth

Author – Haseena Abdur-Rahman

Prince George, VA, USA

The winning poems can be read at the IWa web site:

Islamic Writers Alliance Annual Islamic School Library Book Awards

 The IWA is pleased to report on the Islamic Schools receiving our Annual Islamic School Library Book Awards for 2010. Each year the IWA membership nominates individual Islamic schools and the IWA Board of Directors selects the schools from the list created from membership nominations.

Congratulations from the IWA Organization to award recipients of the 2010 IWA Islamic School Library Book Awards:

Salah Tawfik Elementary and Middle School (STEMS), Sunrise, Florida, USA

M A Institute, United Kingdom

August 2010 Edition of IWA Magazine

Book Festival:

1st Annual Michigan International Books Festival to be held at Laurel Park Place Mall (37500 6 Mile Rd. Livonia, MI 48152). The festival will be Thursday October 28, 2010 through Sunday October 31, 2010. For details call Sierra for an application and to confirm your participation.  (313) 446-2262. Email for additional information.

Saba Negash is sponsoring a summer reading contest for kids. go to:

Ponn Sabra is sponsoring the second annual reading contest for Muslims of all ages. go to:

Cam Ali will be producing television shows for young Muslim children. Learn more about this project. go to:

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