Muslim Champion

Catch the Spirit…Be a Muslim Champion 

We Are Muslim Champions Serving Allah. We Work For The Benefit Of Muslims. We are Champions of Literacy for Muslim Children, Youth, and Teens. We Are Champions of Creative Writing for Muslim Students. We Are Champions for Islamic School Libraries. We are Champions for Aspiring Muslim Writers Striving to Become Published.

Give your support to a Muslim non-profit organization that works to benefit our Muslim kids!

Who We Are: The Islamic Writers Alliance Inc. (IWA) is a USA based professional Muslim non-profit organization with an international membership. We were founded in 2004. Members include published and aspiring writers, editors, artists, publishers, journalists, playwrights, web designers, retailers, and marketing consultants. The IWA is an inclusive organization and welcomes adult Muslim men and women of all races, ethnicities, linguistic backgrounds, abilities, and creeds.

Our Purpose: Our purpose is to promote literacy world-wide. The IWA has established successful programs designed to meet the established goals and purpose of the organization.

Our programs are segmented into five areas:
1. IWA regularly awards fiction and non-fiction Islamic books to Islamic school libraries (20 schools to date). 2. IWA sponsors creative writing contests for Islamic schools.(12 contests to date). 3.  IWA sponsors two annual contests open to the public: an Islamic poetry contest (for 7 years) and an Islamic fiction story   contest (for 2 years). 4. IWA provides publishing opportunities for members aspiring writers and published authors through the anthology books we publish. We have published four anthologies. 5. IWA provides publishing opportunities for members through its quarterly online publication, IWA Magazine.

We trust in Allah. We work in His service. We ask you to join our cause and help support our programs. We need your support. Join us and be a Muslim Champion, too.

Donate thru PayPal: or,
Send a check USD payable to Islamic Writers Alliance and Mail to: Islamic Writers Alliance, PO Box 27503, Tempe, Arizona 85285

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